Please place your order no later than 1 week before your event/party.

Calamari flashed fried, sweet Thai chili vinaigrette $8 Order
Deep Fried Green Beans $7per Order
Veggie, Chicken or Beef Skewers $30 dozen

Caprese Salad $6 per person
Roasted Beet Salad $6 per person
Caesar Salad $6 per person
add chicken $10 per person
Peanut Noodle Salad with Chicken $10 per person
Domestic Cheese Platter $8 per person
Meat & Cheese Platter $12 per person
Fruit Platter $5 per person

Sweet Potato Fries $6 per person
Hand Cut Fries $7 per person
Mediterranean Platter $6 per person

Bruschetta topped with Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese $30 dozen
Bruschetta topped Ricotta cheese, Basil &Tomatoes $30 dozen
Bruschetta Blue Cheese, Fried Salami with a Apple Slice $30 dozen
Mini Dungeness Crab Cakes $55 per dozen
Pulled Pork or Chicken Sliders $45 per dozen
Beef Sliders $55 per dozen
Lamb Sliders $55 per dozen

Food and Beverage Minimum:

Mint and 820's food and beverage minimum varies depending on the day of the week and the room in which the event takes place. These amounts are prior to gratuity being calculated. Should a group not reach their minimum; the difference will be added as a room fee.

Mint can offer dinner for up to 45 people. 820 can offer cocktail reception with buffet up to 75 - 100 people. 820 cannot offer dinner.


Monday $1500
Tuesday $1500
Wednesday $2000
Thursday $2000
Friday $2500
Saturday $2500
Sunday $1000

Monday $1000
Tuesday $1000
Wednesday $2000
Thursday $2500
Friday $2500
Saturday $2500
Sunday $1000


Mon - Thurs $1500
Fri - Sat $2000
Upper deck only $750

The lower lounge is available to reserve for no fee, but a credit card is required to hold the area. If a party fails to show up there is a $75 charge.

The lower lounge can offer cocktail reception for up to 35 -40 people. Please contact us either by phone (503-284-5518) or email us to book a private party.

Thank you!

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